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At Southern Star Realty we are passionate about helping homeowners by making their home shine and stand out against competing homes on the market. We do this through providing great advice and guidance. Having developed marketing strategies that work, we look to always provide Sellers with certainty and Buyers with great service.  Southern Star Realty, as the name implies, is about providing our clients and customers with a knowledgeable direction to follow. This allows everyone to get to their next destination with less stress and greater confidence.

We partner with some of the biggest and or the best 3rd parties so that when it comes to selling your home, we can connect you to the right people at the right time. We do this for both Sellers and Purchasers. This can be as simple as pointing you in the right direction for a good conveyancer/solicitor, a well-informed mortgage provider, a great advertising medium or it may be as basic as getting a tap washer replaced. We are here to assist every step of the way and know a multitude of people and companies that can help you to achieve your next level in lifestyle.

The Managing Director is known for his stellar sales record in the industry and realised that too many people have undersold their homes due to engaging the wrong organisations to provide them with critical advice. Hence Southern Star Realty, a sales organisation that is dedicated to having homeowners enjoy a transparent and well-informed journey, so that when a sold sign is put on their property, they know every stone has been turned to achieve a premium. The Southern Star Team will be grown on the basis of passion, strong values and high energy NOT fixed price and average service.  We also recognise and provide this link as required by the REA in relation to professional code of conduct: CLICK HERE TO SEE CODE OF CONDUCT

Southern Star Realty Limited